Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I've got to warn you. I tend to be more expressive the unhappier I am. As much as anything, I write when I need to vent. I am going to try to be more communicative in a positive sense here, as well. Writing out by hand had the advantage of giving time to think. The disadvantage of that medium was that I sometimes had many thoughts I wanted to pin down, but I couldn't write fast enough, and some of the thoughts would fade away. I type much faster than I write, but something typed into the computer has a much higher chance of disappearing forever in a hard disk crash (this has happened). I haven't found it any great loss to me, since, invariably, I find it difficult to read what was appropriate to a painful moment, and so I don't generally go back. But my wife was very disappointed when I lost some journals I was keeping when I was first chasing her. Not that I would have let her see them. <grin>

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