Monday, March 17, 2008

Perl Modules

After not touching it for a while, I was looking to explore PERL again for webapps. Here's my problem. If I want to use a single interesting looking PERL module, it seems like I need to install the entire contents of CPAN. If all this stuff is so necessary, why isn't it bundled with the core distribution?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Double-edged shaving update

It's now been a few weeks since acquiring my Gillette Super-speed, and after a rough start, I seem to have developed enough of a feel for it that I can shave both face and head (I do most of my head by feel) without unpleasant incident. I also did some objective testing on quality of the shave (wife and daughters). The majority ruled that the difference between the double-edged and a Gillette Fusion (five blades) was not enough to matter, especially considering how fast my beard grows. However, the most sensitive of the group insisted the Fusion shave left my face smoother.

Facebook apps

I wouldn't have acknowledged these folks as my friends if I didn't like them. But really, people. If you want to talk, talk to me, stop with the superpoking and the vampires and the rest.