Sunday, November 08, 2009

Google Wave

Got my invitation yesterday. Since it was being touted as the future of electronic communication, my expectations were out of line with what it is. My first reaction when I logged in was "where are my gmail contacts?" If someone isn't already in Google Wave, this is not a medium you can use to communicate with them. I can't send emails, or IM's, or tweets, to anyone not in Wave. Now, maybe this will change, but this seems more like an evolution of Facebook and corporate collaboration tools than of email.

The other recent announcement of a nextgen tool is of Mozilla Raindrop
Raindrop is not ready for average users, yet, but it provides aggregation of a number of communication media, email, twitter, rss feeds, and others with open API's to one interface, which is more useful to me than what I've seen so far from Wave..

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