Friday, August 07, 2009

Step aside yourself.

Anna Quindlen, in Newsweek, thinks baby boomers should step aside for younger people. I am not one, but I still disagree. For one thing, the perception is really dated. It presumes advancement based on seniority alone. Where is that true anymore, other than unions and academia? For another, it presumes that the younger folks are as productive as the ones they want to replace. I tell you what, in a competitive marketplace, if my company can replace me with a younger model that does more and better, and that they can get away with paying less, how long do you think I will last? Youth has its abilities. There are other abilities that come with experience. Finally, especially in light of the recession, a lot of boomers have no choice but to keep working. Maybe they need to work to just keep eating. Maybe they need it to finish putting their kids or grandkids through school.

Please, it's not right to ask people to lay down and die just to make room.

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