Saturday, May 09, 2009

Neurotic, a lttle?

Michael Arrington finds handshaking to be very objectionable. Main reason appears to be a germ phobia. So, is he of the sort to flush toilets with his foot (a practice I find highly objectionable). How about a mask to keep those floating germs people cough out all the time in winter from entering your nose? Some gloves, so you don't have to touch door handles?

He is asking the rest of the world to accomodate his phobia. Well, he does have some options that doesn't require the rest of the world to change to suit him. As I suggested, he could wear gloves. He could not touch his mouth and nose, or food, with unclean hands. (Isn't that what your mother taught you?) He could give would-be hand shakers a pre-emptive bow. Or, he could go all the way with his phobia, and stop meeting strangers in meat-space. How about carrying a tube of hand-sanitizer in his pocket?

Let's remember the significance of the hand-shake and the hug in American culture. Unwillingness to shake someone's hand, or accept a hug, signals to the rejected person that in some way you do not approve of them. Not a good way to win friends and influence people.

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