Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shaving the old fashioned way

Inspired by a post on ZenHabits on wet-shaving, I decided to take the plunge myself. I figured that the cost of a double-edge handle on ebay, and a pack of blades, I would have made my money back if I managed to spare myself only three Gillette Fusion blades. You know, the five-blade wonders.
My previous approach was using a gel from a tube, in the shower, and the five-blade cartridges, in the shower. This included shaving not only my face, but my head, as well.

Now, I'm using a Gillette Super-Speed. It was rough at first. I don't know whether it was a matter of habituating my skin, or developing the technique, but there were a few cuts, and it felt a bit rough. This was working with a boar-hair shaving brush and some old-fashioned shaving soap. After a few times, I find I can get a very smooth shave, without hacking myself up, and without feeling roughed up, in a reasonable amount of time. This includes shaving in and out of the shower. I even ventured to shave my head over the sink. That was a bit touchy. I shave my head by feel, and I was worried about hacking my scalp up. Came out OK, though.

I have yet to do a side by side comparison. At some point, I have to shave either side of my face with the five-blade and the double-edge, and get an independent opinion (my wife) of the quality of the shave.

The likely scenario now is that I will use up my supply of Fusion cartridges, but keep a supply of twin blades on hand for travel (I don't want to try to get double-edged blades past the TSA), and use the double-edge for every day shaving (maybe even my head, if I get more proficient). 15 cents a blade versus $3.50 is a very compelling argument.

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